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Pretty Ritty.

Bits of information: artists.

All I want for Christmas is you.

The 12 days of Christmas:

Xmas song:

Santa´s poem.

Where is Santa? Where is Santa?
Here I am! Here I am!
Merry, merry Christmas.
Merry, merry Christmas.
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho,ho.

I wish you a merry Christmas.

I wish you a merry Christmas
I wish you a merry Christmas
I wish you a merry Christmas
and a happy New Year.

Let´s all do a little clapping (x3)
'cause Christmas is here.

Let´s all do a little clicking (x3)
'cause Christmas is here.

Let´s all do a little jumping (x3)
'cause Chrismas is here.

Let's all do a little dancing (x3)
'cause Christmas is here.

Auld lang syne.

Ten little Indians.


martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009


Evolution game

"Ameba, chicken, monkey, human". Everybody moves around the classroom like an ameba, when you found someone, you play "rock,paper,scissors" if you win you go a step forward in the evolution and become a chicken, if you lose, you go a step back (if that is possible). The player who first becomes a human is the winner.


o Do you like animals?
o What's you favourite animal?
o Have you got a pet?
o What is it?.
Draw the results in different diagrams(bars, cake...)

Introduce with flascards

o Show the cards very quickly and they have to remember them.Kim's game.
o Write down or say as many as possible in L1
o Say in English the names you already know.
o Learn the rest in English.
o Show the flashcards very fast and they have to identify the animal.
o Show just a little piece of the flascard (eye in a cardboard) and they have to identify the animal.

Describe the animals

Features: colour,size,number of legs,special features (tail,horns,trunk,wings,beak...),diet,place of residence,can,swim...
Song:from Bugs 1,2,3
Game:Put a sticker on every child's forehead with a picture of one of the animals. They have to guess what it is asking yes or no questions (Am I big? Have I got 4 legs? Do I eat grass?...You can simplify the language as always:big? 4 legs? eat grass?.
An easier version could be, you friend mimes the animal you've got on your forehead.

Classify the animals

With flashcards.In groups look for the animals having a common feature (e.g. 2 legs)

Choose an animal

Draw a picture or look for a photo on the internet and describe it.

Make posters

In groups for the different animal classifications (mammals, birds,fish,insects,reptiles,carnivores,herbivores,omnivores...)


We could make different kinds of mobiles with the animals classifications.
Or we can do a cut and fold activity in which we obtain a small book with 3/4 heads, 3/4 bodies or 3/4 tails, and Ss can combine them.

Animals of long ago



, moa,Tasmania wolf...
Dinosaurs: diplodocus, stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex pteranodon,...


Old MacDonald

Five little ducks

Five little monkeys


Hand art

,sand art

, animali di fruti

,amorphet animals

Power Point

Animals sounds

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Pencil poems.


Sol, mi game ( on a rope).
Improvisation, singing jazz.


Playing ecos.
Pass the rhythm.

Dinner train.

The order of the dinner from back to front.

Coffee, coffee

Cheese and cake, cheese nad cake.

Fish and chips, fish and chips.


Soft toys.

Create rhythm with vocabulary toys .

Song: Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Song: If you´re happy...

Indians body instruments.

Create your stories using your body music:
-Wind:move your feet round on the floor.
-Drops of rain:hit your hand with the pointer finger.
-Rain: clap your hands.
-Thunders: beat your knees.

Pentatonic scale.

Take out "fa" and "si " and discover the chinese music.

Game: Let´s go very slowly

´cause the way is really funny.

Where are you going?

and how are you going?

I´m going by bike, train, car, plane...

Our cats.

Draw my cat.

Three little pigs.

Break time.

Ingredients:700gr. flour, 2 packs of baking powder, 7 eggs, the peel of one lemon, 4 apples and half water glass of olive oil.

Vivaldi: The winter.

We follow the 4 beats of each picture,
understanding the music as a story.

Vivaldi: The spring.

Per pairs or groups we represent the different elements that music suggests us.

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Where is the crocodile?

The train ride.

A woman, a man and a dog. Off the shoe´s man went and off the dog´s woman went too.

Big books.

Pretty Ritty.

The wooooolf is ... his happy birthday party.

The snail and the worm.

...The red bird is looking at me...

Five little ducks.

"The grand mocha canyon".

Ingredients: 2 packets of round biscuits, 1 egg, 250 gr. of icing sugar, 1 express coffee, 250 gr. of butter and the valencian spirit mistela.

Instructions: Mix the butter, the sugar, the coffee and the egg´s yolk for the mocha.

Wet the biscuits one by one and spread the mocha on them, then beat the egg white, some biscuits and mistela and cover the cannon.

Finally decorate it with grating chocolate, coconut or similar; and put it in the fridge.

For children you can change the mocha for chocolate and the mistela for milk with sugar.

The captain´s T-shirt.

At the pet shop.

Animals in movement.

Crazy pictures.

martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009


Stories with your fingers.


I´m finger pointer.
I´m finger thumb.
Hello finger pointer!
Hello finger thumb!
Goodbye finger pointer.
Goodbye finger thumb.

Stories with your feet.

The formats features.

The performance of the story should be: easy, comprehensible, repetitive, predictable, interactive and linguistically productive in a context.

Incy wincy spider.

Story, poem and song.



The monkeys and the cocrodile.