miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2009



Vocabulary related to ice cream.

Class survey

What are your favourite flavours?

Chocolate is always the favourite one.

Test your knowledge about ice cream

Powerpoint presentation to revision flavours and types of ice cream.

Let's make apple and lemon sorbet. Tasty!

The sorbet poem
Apple,lemon, sugar and ice
in a cup.
Stir,stir, stir.
Drink it up.

I never measure ingredients when I cook, (I just eyeball it)/(I just guesstimate)/(I just estimate)/(I just make rough calculations).
I never measure or time things when I'm cooking, (I just guesstimate)/(I just use my intuition)/(I just play it by ear)/(I just improvise)/(I just ad-lib it).

A brief history of ice cream

Answer true/false questions after seeing the Powerpoint.
E.g. Thomas Jefferson and George Bush offered ice cream as a dessert.

Numbers and ice cream.

Let's play "Hot potatoes".
What's the average number of licks to polish off an ice cream cone?.

Death and life of an ice cream.

Cupcakes in ice cream cones.Yummy?

Let's revision the previous session

Let's revision the vocabulary about "l'orxata". How do you say "surco" in English?.
Try to explain in your own words some geographical features.