martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009


Evolution game

"Ameba, chicken, monkey, human". Everybody moves around the classroom like an ameba, when you found someone, you play "rock,paper,scissors" if you win you go a step forward in the evolution and become a chicken, if you lose, you go a step back (if that is possible). The player who first becomes a human is the winner.


o Do you like animals?
o What's you favourite animal?
o Have you got a pet?
o What is it?.
Draw the results in different diagrams(bars, cake...)

Introduce with flascards

o Show the cards very quickly and they have to remember them.Kim's game.
o Write down or say as many as possible in L1
o Say in English the names you already know.
o Learn the rest in English.
o Show the flashcards very fast and they have to identify the animal.
o Show just a little piece of the flascard (eye in a cardboard) and they have to identify the animal.

Describe the animals

Features: colour,size,number of legs,special features (tail,horns,trunk,wings,beak...),diet,place of residence,can,swim...
Song:from Bugs 1,2,3
Game:Put a sticker on every child's forehead with a picture of one of the animals. They have to guess what it is asking yes or no questions (Am I big? Have I got 4 legs? Do I eat grass?...You can simplify the language as always:big? 4 legs? eat grass?.
An easier version could be, you friend mimes the animal you've got on your forehead.

Classify the animals

With flashcards.In groups look for the animals having a common feature (e.g. 2 legs)

Choose an animal

Draw a picture or look for a photo on the internet and describe it.

Make posters

In groups for the different animal classifications (mammals, birds,fish,insects,reptiles,carnivores,herbivores,omnivores...)


We could make different kinds of mobiles with the animals classifications.
Or we can do a cut and fold activity in which we obtain a small book with 3/4 heads, 3/4 bodies or 3/4 tails, and Ss can combine them.

Animals of long ago



, moa,Tasmania wolf...
Dinosaurs: diplodocus, stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex pteranodon,...


Old MacDonald

Five little ducks

Five little monkeys


Hand art

,sand art

, animali di fruti

,amorphet animals

Power Point

Animals sounds