viernes, 30 de octubre de 2009



Preparing white chocolate ghosts.

First melt the white chocolate with a bit of sunflower oil or butter.When it´s liquid spill two spoonfuls and try to draw a ghost shape, then put a wooden stick in it and two chocolate drops or balls.

Origins and traditions.

The skeleton dance

Hallowe´en tales.

"Who´s coming for tea?"
"Meg and Mog"
"Halloween house".Once upon a time there's was a witch who had a cat and a little ghost. One day as she was walking along the street she found a piece of paper.
-Great! I'm going to make a house....

Halloween riddles

Day or night my bones are white. What am I?


"Knock, knock"
Knock, knock, treat or trick
Who are you?
I´m a ghost,
I´m a little ghost.

"Happy Halloween" (from "Ckeeky Monkey ", MacMillan Publishers).
"In a big,big house" chant. Make a concertina.
"The Halloween rap" (from "Bugs 5", Macmillan Publishers).

Treat or trick game.

Treat or trick?
Trick!!!. Let's have some fun.
Treat!!!. Enjoy a delicious jelly octopus.

Black theatre.

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.
She's not a thief!!!. Relax.