miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009


Where is the crocodile?

The train ride.

A woman, a man and a dog. Off the shoe´s man went and off the dog´s woman went too.

Big books.

Pretty Ritty.

The wooooolf is coming...to ... his happy birthday party.

The snail and the worm.

...The red bird is looking at me...

Five little ducks.

"The grand mocha canyon".

Ingredients: 2 packets of round biscuits, 1 egg, 250 gr. of icing sugar, 1 express coffee, 250 gr. of butter and the valencian spirit mistela.

Instructions: Mix the butter, the sugar, the coffee and the egg´s yolk for the mocha.

Wet the biscuits one by one and spread the mocha on them, then beat the egg white, some biscuits and mistela and cover the cannon.

Finally decorate it with grating chocolate, coconut or similar; and put it in the fridge.

For children you can change the mocha for chocolate and the mistela for milk with sugar.

The captain´s T-shirt.

At the pet shop.

Animals in movement.

Crazy pictures.