miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009



Draw a triangle in pairs.
How many sides, angles or vertex?

Solving problems

Vocabulary you need:
-The story of the problem is: " el enunciado".
-The sums are: "las operaciones".
-The most common questions: How much is...at... pounds each?
How many km are from... to...?
How many ... would there be altogether?
What is the total of ...?
What would you pay in total if...?

British measures.

-Inch=25.4 mm
-Foot=30.48 cm
-Yard=o.9144 m
-Mile=1,609.344 m

-Ounze=28.349 g
-Pound=o.453 kg


Cut out one half and get the complete shape. Everybody was proud of their work.


White brownie vs. black brownie.

White brownie:
Ingredients: 500gr of white chocolate, 450 gr butter, 8 eggs, 300gr sugar, 270 gr flavour, 100 gr grated almond,and half envelope of baking powder.( You can divide all the amounts by two to get a medium-size brownie, like mine).
Instructions: First melt the first two ingredients, mix all the others in a bowl, join it all and put in the oven for 20 minutes at 170º and 10 minutes at 120º.


Playing with flashcards.
Noughts and crosses.
What was Mª Josep wearing?.
Be a good detective and discover whose clothes are these?

Video: Ennio Marchetto.

How difficult is to be original nowadays!